12 volt 12Ah Motorcycle Battery, Power Sonic

Power Sonice 12v 12Ah Battery

12 volt 12Ah Motorcycle Battery, Power Sonic

If you’re looking for a bike battery with a long life span and a rugged battery that sustains impact. Power sonic is the best in class VRLA battery designed to incorporate Absorbent Glass Mat technology. The battery is designed to provide 12V and 12Ah capacity with unrivaled power and volume ratio.

Motorcycle batteries produced by OEM provided the right supply to bike accessory. However, some of the aftermarket batteries are designed to be compatible with most of the bikes. The PS battery is a general-purpose battery designed to power the electrical network of bikes. The sealed lead-acid battery is also known as VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery).

Motorcycle Battery

An average demand 12v 12Ah battery is designed to sufficiently power motorcycle accessories. The electrical accessories of your bike draw considerable power at night. Whenever you replace a battery, know the power requirements of your motorcycle accessory and stator current supply.

Touring bikes are equipped with additional electrical accessories and hence demand the high capacity battery. When using lamps and other accessories the process of charge and discharge goes on that may cause damage. The damage is caused by the high internal resistance of the battery. We recommend you be aware of the above facts while buying a battery, since not all aftermarket batteries are worth buying.

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