Advantages of AGM and GEL type Battery for Bikes

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Advantages of AGM and GEL type Battery for Bikes

Have you ever observed that white substance leaking out your bike’s battery vents? That’s what happens to most of the bikes when you ride on rough terrain. The white substance is hazardous for health and also costs you battery life. When riding the bike on all-terrain, speed bumps and turning the bike cause sulfuric acid to spill from vent caps. As a result, the level of electrolyte diminishes and you may have to keep a periodic check to maintain the battery. However, with the advent of AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) and GEL type batteries, lead-acid batteries have become less susceptible to spillage and maintenance.

AGM Bike Battery

The latest technology of batteries feature AGM and GEL type battery to prevent spillage of electrolyte and offers a shockproof and vibration resistant structure. These batteries are designed to be compatible with All-Terrain Vehicle and provide superlative results. The battery is designed to be leakproof and spill-proof while offers high discharge rate.

The battery is ready to use as you unbox it as it comes pre-charged. The advantage of VRLA batteries is due to the fact that they provide longer life cycles compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. The battery can be mounted in any orientation without the fear of losing electrolyte. Each of the battery is designed to supply varying voltage levels and current capacity with 250 to 400 CCA (Cold Cranking Ampere) that enables the battery to operate extreme temperatures.

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