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Every battery is regarded as best as long as it is serving the purpose it is designed for. However, the concept of having a best battery can’t be ruled out with such simple explanation. If your bike is equipped with right battery, you

Batteries have evolved with technology in order to more stable, sustainable, and powerful. However, making a flawless battery still seems to be a decade away. Whether you’re a professional biker or a normal guy who just uses the bike to

If you’re a bike junky, you must know how to take care of your bike. The ride is more than a blessing to commute and saves you a lot of time and money if taken care of. Taking care of

It feels so aggravating seeing your bike battery losing charge, as we have discussed a number of reasons. One should be careful with the discharge problem. There isn’t one single and obvious thing that might drain the bike battery. There

Have you wondered why batteries discharge? Well, the answer is simple but the odds can be many! It is important to distinguish why bike batteries lose charge and what can be done to prevent discharge. Your bike battery can lose

Batteries drop voltages over time as they supply power to the accessories of the bike. While the battery supplies current to the equipment, its voltage gets reduced to nominal terminal voltage. However, the onboard charging system of your bike keeps

Bike riding seems fund and thrilling and you might want to rev up a little to double up the fun. This is something exciting that every biker must have done. Riding the bike with all the power is fun and

Describing the bike battery is seemingly simple, as you ride along and use indication lamps, monitor speed on a digital meter. All of these accessories draw power from the battery, and your bike’s battery simultaneously charges and discharge. Imagine you’re

If you’re about to replace your bike battery, have you thought about which battery should be installed? How about replacing an old lead-acid battery with a lithium-ion battery. These are a couple of concerns one should keep in mind when

The cranking sound of the engine and exhaust sounds thrilling and the fascination might get you to pull the accelerator a little more. That’s quite the fun side every biker enjoys, yet it is important to give a perfect treat