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Your enthusiasm and love for motorbike riding can go down the drain if you don’t have a good battery to match your energy. Without a powerful and steady, performing battery, you won’t really get to enjoy the excitement you have

Leaving your motorcycle outside in the rain, heat, or cold can lead to a variety of damages. That’s why utmost attention must be paid to what your motorcycle gets when both in and out of use. If you’re new to motorcycles

Unlike their maintenance free or gel filled counterparts, Conventional Motorcycle Batteries need to have the battery acid levels checked and topped up occasionally. But what should you top the battery up with? DISTILLED WATER!!!! Lead acid batteries should be topped up with distilled (NOT tap)

Should I leave the battery charger connected to the battery over the winter or when I’m not using the motorbike? OK, so it’s the end of the biking season. Your pride and joy is in the garage, shed or

In the motorcycle battery world, there are basically 3 types of motorcycle batteries: Type 1) Wet cell batteries (also known as lead acid batteries, conventional batteries and flooded cell batteries)Type 2) Dry cell batteries (also known as maintenance free batteries and sealed type

Step 1. Temper your expectations Small batteries, like the one in your motorcycle, do not take kindly to being discharged. They really don’t like being discharged and left that way for a period of time. Sometimes batteries can be brought back from the

Numerous factors such as temperature, engine vibration and electrical loads can cause your bike battery to die it is important they are appropriately charged through the vehicle charging system and by an appropriate external charger if needed. Nothing is designed to last

Tip 1: Install a Motorcycle Anti Theft Alarm One of the best motorcycle anti theft devices is a motorcycle alarm (ring). This will let you know if anyone is messing with your motorbike. As long as it has the desired effect

Electric Motorbike Benefits for you There are lots of electric motorbike benefits for you. These include: Instant torque and power. Electric motorcycles have fantastic power and are very fast. With 100% instant torque, you get a rapid acceleration that a fuel powered

1. Environment:Given that most of the electricity in India is obtained from the firing of coal, e-bikes are not really friendly to the environment. They merely shift the location of the pollution from the city to the source of electricity generation.