Bike Battery and its terminals

By and large, modern motorcycle batteries are paragons of reliability, particularly when compared with those we had that not too long before them. That being said, they do require some minimal, periodic maintenance.

As a rule of thumb, most motorcycle manufacturers recommend a routine battery inspection and service at roughly 2500-mile intervals, while most battery manufacturers recommend taking a look at least once a month, whether the battery is being used or not. How involved you want to get is up to you. For some of us, an inspection may mean that if the charge light doesn’t come on and the bike starts on the button, then the battery must be fine. Others prefer to be a bit more proactive to avoid the hassle and cost of routine battery replacement.

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Start by making sure the battery top is clean and dry. Batteries can discharge across the crud that collects on top of the case. You can wipe the case clean with a soft rag and any type of grease-cutting soap, or do as I do and just spritz it with Simple Green and give ‘er a good rinse with the hose. Make certain the battery caps are tight to prevent the soap from entering the battery cells.

Inspect the battery terminals, the connecting hardware and the cables. They should be tight, clean and free of corrosion. The terminals and cable ends can be cleaned with a wire brush or sandpaper.

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