DEKA Sport Bike Battery for Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Battery

DEKA Sport Bike Battery for Harley Davidson

Describing the bike battery is seemingly simple, as you ride along and use indication lamps, monitor speed on a digital meter. All of these accessories draw power from the battery, and your bike’s battery simultaneously charges and discharge. Imagine you’re riding peacefully and you have suddenly lost battery power, you might end-up stranded without any option to pursue. The situation could occur at any time with any battery, but having a battery that offers reliability and life is the ultimate objective of having a battery. What you look for in a battery is its performance, power, and durability. Among other powerful bike batteries, DEKA ETX 30L is the right choice for the bike.

A good battery has multiple characteristics, such as low internal resistance, nominal DOD (Depth of Discharge), and a physically strong cell compartment. The DEKA Sports Battery is designed to function for a wide range of applications in vehicles. The battery is designed to operate optimally in all weather conditions. A hardened ABS plastic case is designed to provide resistance to extreme temperatures and prevents damage and spillage. Unlike other lead-acid batteries, the DEKA sport battery incorporates AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) to increase battery life and durability. Old lead-acid batteries have problems due to spillage, it required frequent check to maintain appropriate electrolyte level. AGM is a highly porous microfiber that prevents electrolyte from spillage and ultimately improves battery life.

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