How to Keep your Bike Battery Healthy?

Battery Charging Tips

How to Keep your Bike Battery Healthy?

Leaving the bike dormant for long periods of time ultimately means leaving the bike battery. Similarly, taking the bike after such a long break makes you think whether the engine is going to pick up or not? Before we step towards the maintenance of the bike battery, you must know that an average bike battery has a lifespan of over 3-4 years if used appropriately.  There are tens of concerns that we overlook while leaving the bike dormant for some time. However, having a little brainstorming before you keep your bike away saves your efforts and your money as well! So, know what you have to do to keep the battery healthy and ready to use. Here are some of the questions you might have.

Do I Simply Take out Battery?

Seemingly it sounds simple that you should take out the battery and store it away in a cool and dry place. Since it’s not the alarm or a connection that keeps the power-consuming, all of the batteries lose charge even if not used. We advise you to keep the battery charged twice a week, as doing so would keep the battery healthy. It also prevents your bike’s stator from overdrawing current in order to crank-up the engine.

How Long Do I Charge the Battery?

Before you simply put the battery on charge, make sure you have the right type of charger. Using a charger that isn’t compatible with your bike battery can damage the cells and reduce battery life. You can use a trickle charger to charge the battery. Trickle charger keeps the battery fully charged, it maintains the charge equivalent to its self-discharge rate. However, a trickle charger may or may not have a self-disconnect function when the battery is fully charged. On the contrary, you can also have a tender or smart charger. The charger monitors your battery level and starts charging when it is reduced below a certain threshold and disconnects itself once the battery is charged.

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