Planning to Jump start a motorcycle battery with a car battery?

Planning to Jump start a motorcycle battery with a car battery?

Using a car battery to jump start a motorcycle isn’t typical or ideal, but it can help get you home or to a mechanic in a pinch.

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This really should only be done if no other method is possible.

You will risk damaging the battery and/or the bike’s electrical system because car batteries have much higher amperage (electrical current strength) than a motorcycle battery. Too much power may be delivered too quickly, overloading the battery and burning out the starter. For this reason, many battery and motorcycle manufacturers will warn against using a car battery to charge or jump a motorcycle battery, and doing so may void warranties.

Nevertheless, if you need to get home, this is how to do it safely:

1. Make Sure Both Your Motorcycle and the Car Are Off

2. Connect the Jumper Cables as You Normally Would

Can you jump start a motorcycle with a car: here is what you need ...
  1. Attach one positive clip (red handles) to the positive terminal (usually has a red, rubber or plastic cover and labeled POS or +) of the dead battery.
  2. Attach the other positive clip to the positive terminal of the good battery.
  3. Attach the negative clip (black handles) to the negative terminal of the good battery.
  4. Attach the other negative clip to a bare metal surface on the motorcycle.

3. Try Starting Your Motorcycle

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  • Keep the car off! Cranking your bike likely won’t drain the car battery, but cranking your bike with the car on will likely burn out your bike’s electrical system.
  • It should start up right away. You may notice that it cranked more powerfully than usual.
  • If it doesn’t start right away, wait a few seconds before trying again. Crank it for no more than 2 seconds at a time. If it still doesn’t start, your battery might be completely drained, or the issue might not be the battery.

4. Disconnect the Jumper Cables

How to Hook Up and Disconnect Jumper Cables - Auto Quarterly
  • Remove the clips in the reverse order of how you put them on, starting with the negative clip on your bike.
  • Ride around for 15-30 mins, keeping the revs high to help charge the battery. If you plan on replacing the battery, this isn’t necessary.

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