Bike Battery Maintenance, Myth vs Reality

Bike Battery Maintenance

Bike Battery Maintenance, Myth vs Reality

Looking for a maintenance-free battery for your bike? Well, there is no such thing that exists as maintenance-free! When you ride the bike, the battery begins to power the engine and accessory, and the process of charge and discharge goes to and fro. Since wear and tear is a natural phenomenon, batteries can be maintained. However, the perspective of maintenance is different than what is usually thought. Keeping frequent checks is difficult and you may not have time to run the check. Obtaining optimum performance requires a periodic check and hence by doing so, it maximizes your bike’s battery life cycle.

  • If taking your bike for a ride after some time, check the indicator installed on top of the battery. The indicator helps to distinguish the battery state by colors at the spot.
  • You bike battery should have stabilized voltages at its terminal, using a voltmeter to check battery voltage is more appropriate way.
  • Testing bikes battery can also be done by hydrometer by determining specific gravity.
  • Also, check for any dust or grime on the battery surface, check for loose terminals, broken wire, and ensure proper insulation.
  • Apply high-temperature grease coating on battery terminals to protect terminals from rusting.
  • Don’t charge your battery with incompatible charger, as this causes the battery cells to overheat and results in reduced life.

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