Motorcycle Battery Essentials

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Motorcycle Battery Essentials

Bike battery is essential equipment in powering up the engine. Having the right battery for your bike is having a peaceful ride. The most disappointing and time-consuming moment exists when your bike loses power in the middle of the ride. You may keep looking for an instant solution to bring the power back, and you may get successful. However, you need to remember to run a complete electrical check-up of your bike. In earlier articles, we discussed why bike batteries discharge even without the use, and what possible causes are? For now, we’re sharing our experience of long-term impact of battery on your bike.

Bike Battery

Bike batteries are sensitive, they require periodic checks for electrolyte levels to ensure that battery stays fully charged. Some batteries such as lead-acid batteries discharge itself if left idle and coat plates due to build-up sulfate. Bike batteries that discharge quickly and have a high discharge rate have a negligible life cycle. If you want to get rid of quick discharge, find a battery with high CCA (Cold Crank Ampere). The battery acts as a power burst to start an engine that has been dormant. The short power burst is sufficient to start a bike that is idle.

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