What causes Bike Battery to Lose Power?

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What causes Bike Battery to Lose Power?

Have you ever experienced a sudden dip in horn sound or low intensity of indication lamps? That happens because your bike battery is draining way faster than it is being charged. There are number of reasons that can be attributed to quick discharge. Losing electrical power while riding may bother you a little in daylight, but at night it’s dangerous! Irrespective of what causes the discharge, you should have some assumption for what would you do if the bike battery is discharged. We’re going to share a couple of Do’s and Don’ts of inspecting your bike’s battery.

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Know How did you Lose Power

Don’t approach thoughtlessly and keep on cranking. Stay calm, give it a second thought, and know, how did your bike lose power? While being specific to the bike’s electrical network, be aware if you have completely lost power, or was there a gradual decrease. Doing so would help you to narrow down to the closest possible cause of power failure.

Once you have an idea about the issue, approach with safety, and do what seems doable. Having no knowledge or idea to do something can cause a short circuit or put you even in a bigger problem. Check for loose connection and make sure that there isn’t any signs of short circuit. If there are signs of short circuit, immediately disconnect your battery to prevent further damage. Whatever you do, remember to take safety precaution to protect yourself and your bike.

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