Check Motorcycle Battery and Electrical Network Before you Ride

Bike Battery Testing

Check Motorcycle Battery and Electrical Network Before you Ride

If you’re a bike junky, you must know how to take care of your bike. The ride is more than a blessing to commute and saves you a lot of time and money if taken care of. Taking care of your ride includes running periodic checks to completely inspect your bike mechanically, and electrically and figuring out if everything is working fine. Most of the time we spent cleaning or maintaining a bike, we keep a superficial focus and check for specifically engine oil, brake fluid, and air pressure. Maintaining and up keeping the bike doesn’t only involve mechanically inspecting the bike, but keep a sharp eye on the electrical network of the bike that lives under the surface of your bike.

Bike Electrical Systems

 Be thoughtful and specific about where to start. Check your bike’s battery voltage using a digital or analog voltmeter. Having a battery with low voltages can damage the cells permanently. Also, check for loose connection and rusted terminals of your battery. If you observe any irregularity, try mitigating it by tightening the bolts, ensuring proper insulation, and clean the terminals with grease to prevent corrosion.

Bike Battery
check if the motorcycle battery with a multimeter

If you’re using a 12v battery and the meter measures 10- 9.5 volts, it indicates a damaged cell. Another important aspect is the fuse that causes total loss of power to the bike. Check for the faulty fuse and replace it with a new fuse. Also, look out for the reason due to which the fuse has burnt. Replacing high rating fuse could become even more dangerous for your bike’s electrical network. Therefore, the next time you check your bike, do run a comprehensive check.

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