Checking Up Bike Battery


Checking Up Bike Battery

Replacing a bike battery is inevitable due to the fact that batteries do have high wear and tear. Although battery life is contingent on how it is used, an average 12v battery lasts for 2-3 years when used carefully. It is often bothering when you lose power while trying to get the engine started. Therefore, you must be a little careful with your bike’s battery. Since checking battery isn’t a regular practice, and batteries don’t just instantly drain. However, we recommend having a little knowledgeable insight about the battery.

If you’re using a flooded lead-acid battery, be mindful because your bike’s battery may be losing electrolyte. The loss of electrolyte could occur due to a number of factors, you may be riding off-road or a bumpy ride causes spillage. Ensure that the vent caps of your bike’s battery are properly tightened.

The electrolyte is also reduced as a result of frequent charging and discharging. The process results in a buildup of hydrogen which escapes during this charging and discharging. As a result, the electrolyte becomes concentrated and to maintain an appropriate level of electrolyte clean water must be added. NOTE; it’s believed that adding electrolyte improves battery performance. On the contrary, adding electrolyte messes with the specific gravity of your battery and result in a shorter life span and corrosion.

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