AGM Battery for Motorcycle

AGM Battery

AGM Battery for Motorcycle

Bike batteries have come a long way from small scale applications to industrial applications. With the advent of technology and applications, batteries have turned out to be vulnerable to a lot of factors.  Many of the battery manufacturers have designed complex batteries for different applications at the expense of other variables. Among these considerations, lead-acid batteries have been evolved to an entirely improved level of power density, life cycle, nd depth of discharge. While you look for lead-acid battery, we suggest having little insight into the type of lead acid batteries.

The traditional wet-cell lead-acid battery uses sulfuric acid as electrolyte to power bike and associated accessories. Since wet cell batteries have limitations in terms of designs, electrolyte, and design capacity. The new designs battery were made to be spill proof with improved designed to be able to perfectly fit in the bike. AGM (Absorbent Glass Matt) battery is also known as sealed lead acid battery. The electrolyte is trapped inside the battery between fine fiberglass that prevents electrolyte spillage and keep the battery maintenance free. AGM battery is also lead acid battery, but it uses fiberglass to prevent spillage and doesn’t required refill. Most of the bikes are now coming pre equipped with AGM battery.

AGM Battery for Bike

The most compelling reasons of installing AGM batteries is its low internal resistance and capacity to supply high current and long service life compared to wet cell or flooded battery. Unlike wet cells, AGM batteries is not highly prone to sulfation while being capable of running on low temperature and offers high discharge rate. If you’re planning to buy a hassle free battery, AGM battery is the best choice for your bike.

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