Bike Battery Dead? Push-Starting the Motorcycle

Bike Battery Dead? Push-Starting the Motorcycle

Make sure the battery is the part at fault. When your motorbike won’t start, it could be a number of different things.

  • Check the ignition kill switch is set to “stop” and not to “run.”
  • Make sure you have enough fuel. It seems obvious but these things can be easily missed.
  • If the kickstand is down, an inbuilt safety feature of the bike might be preventing it from starting.
  • If the motorbike isn’t in neutral, it won’t start.
  • If it’s none of these issues, then chances are that it’s the battery at fault.

Determine the best method for a push-start. If you have friends with you, you can push-start the vehicle from any flat area. If you’re on your own, it’s best to push-start the bike at the top of a hill or a slope.

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  • If you can’t find a hill or an adequate slope, you’ll need to push the bike at pace before climbing on and releasing the clutch.

Put the bike in 2nd or 3rd gear.
 First gear is surprisingly not the best gear to use for push-starting as it can cause the bike to jerk forward and suddenly stop. Using 1st gear also increases the risk of the rear tyres locking up.

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  • Putting the gear in second or third allows for the smoothest start and a smaller likelihood of things going wrong.

Press the clutch and roll the bike.
 If on a hill, start from the top and roll the bike downwards. With friends, sit on the bike and hold the clutch and get them to push the bike. By yourself with no hill, you’ll have to push the bike at jogging pace before it can start

Release the clutch when the bike reaches jogging speed. Try not to release the clutch too soon as it won’t work if the bike isn’t moving fast enough. The bike should be at jogging speed or faster when you release the clutch.

  • If the bike doesn’t start, try again but roll the bike faster.
  • It might take a couple of attempts for it to work.
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Change the bike’s gear back to neutral. Once the bike is up and running, change gears to neutral and push the brakes. Try to rev the bike as much as you can and keep pumping the throttle to make sure the engine doesn’t die

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