Bike Battery Performance & Maintenance Guide

Lithium Ion Battery

Bike Battery Performance & Maintenance Guide

Batteries have come far with advanced research and innovation to bring about improved batteries. The design complexity and capacity constraints are addressed overtime to expand battery applications. Similarly, among other applications from small scale to large scale, batteries are necessitated in motorcycles. Old batteries such as deep cycle or flooded batteries are largely used due to simplicity. However, a high discharge rate and timely reduction in electrolyte require it to be check frequently. Most of the lead-acid batteries contained 35% volume of sulfuric acid and 65% water.

Bike Batery

Spillage and electrolyte evaporation required periodic check-up of batteries. However, this concern has been overcome using a mixture of substances to achieve improved performance, prevent evaporation, spillage, and longer lifespan. If you ride your bike on longer routes and off-road, we suggest a gel type battery for easy use. There are a couple of things you should keep in mind while buying a battery for the bike. Its specification in terms of voltage, Ah and discharge rate. Having right kind of battery improves your bike’s performance electrically. Therefore, finding a compatible battery determines the life cycle of your battery and accessories powered by the battery.

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