Buy Best Battery for your Bike

Bike Battery safety tips

Buy Best Battery for your Bike

A comfortable and joyful ride is what one longs for while traveling. Having a joyful experience is associated with many factors, such as bike comfort, a perfectly healthy engine, and an uninterruptable supply. It doesn’t matter how the latest or comfortable your ride is, once you feel that you’re having a hard time cranking up the engine. Joy becomes foreboding! Having said that, your motorcycle battery can perform better than that if you know what to look for in a bike battery.

What to Look in a Battery?

Power is the ability of your battery to keep the bike going and accessories powering. Technically, the term power refers to the Cold Cranking Ampere of your battery. It is the ability of your bike battery to provide current to crank-up the engine for 30 seconds while maintaining 7.2 volts (For a 12-volt Battery) at low temperature. It is important to keep the battery capacity checked. Having a battery with high capacity saves your money and time in the long run. There is more to know before you make your next buying decision.

Bike Battery

What Type of Battery to Buy?

Bike batteries are classified into wide categories. While we would be specific to the topic, buy a VRLA battery for your bike. A VRLA (Valve Regulated Lead Acid) battery is also known as a sealed lead-acid battery. Compared to conventional battery, a VRLA battery uses AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) and GEL type technology. It prevents spillage of electrolyte which causes lower levels of acid in lead-acid battery and reduces battery life. A sealed lead-acid battery also requires low to no maintenance unless disconnected for a longer period.

How about performance?

Performance is the ultimate goal your bike battery fulfills. While you’re searching for a battery, make sure that you buy battery with low self-discharge rate and high DOD (Depth of Discharge). The More the DOD your battery has, the longer you can use. Having a low self-discharge battery is less prone to battery failure.

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