Deal with Bike Battery in Winter

Bike Batter Tips for Winters

Deal with Bike Battery in Winter

Simply put, batteries and winters are the real deal for anyone who rides a bike or drives a car. Since winters have arrived just at the corner, we have come up with a couple of healthy tips for your bike’s battery. For some people, riding a bike in the winters is fun, while others keep the bike until the temperature settles down. Want to know how cold temperature is affecting your bike battery? Most of the Bike batteries are equipped with lithium-ion, also known as li-ion batteries. A lot of batteries get affected in extreme temperatures from summers to winter. What we do is, keep a periodic check to protect total drain and premature battery failure and thermal runaway.

If you don’t ride much in winter, keep your bike battery charged at intervals. Lithium-ion batteries comparatively diminish higher charge than usual. You can also protect your battery from discharging by simply detaching it. However, keep the battery stored in a dry place, and don’t put it on charge immediately rather leave the battery for two hours. Before you put your bike’s battery on charge, make sure that the room temperature is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep a periodic check on your battery, and charge it once a month based on your own evaluation, and have a hassle-free ride again.

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