Get the Bike Engine Started in Winter with a Powerful Battery

Bike Batter Tips for Winters

Get the Bike Engine Started in Winter with a Powerful Battery

Your motorcycle’s battery is the heart to electrical power system, the role of battery is quite simple. It helps to crank-up the engine and then gets recharged by stator. Draining of battery is a prevalent problem in most of the wet cell batteries and the real problem occurs in winter. Have you ever experienced the struggle to start the bike in cold weather? The struggle is real! So, how about some insights to get the bike started. There are numerous reason due to which your bike fails to start. Having a battery with low cold cranking amperes is one factor and battery capacity is another. So, what should be done to get the motorcycle started in the winter?

Bike Battery

Kick starting the bikes work fine in warmer temperature, but it doesn’t work in winters. The ultimate source to power up engine is the battery. First, you make sure that the battery is in healthy condition and stores right amount of charge. Once you have fully charged battery that should suffice to get the engine started, your job is done. Another alternative you can opt for is having a high CCA battery. Having High CCA battery is the best option for your bike.

Battery for winter

The advantage of high CCA battery provides high power to start the engine. Why CCA matters and what it is? It’s the ability of your battery to provide sufficient amount of current to get the engine started. The time period for which current should sustain is 30 seconds and maintain 7-7.2 volts in case of a 12v battery. You can find a high power CCA battery in both lead acid and lithium ion battery. Each of the battery has varying charge cycles and sustains well in high temperatures.

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