How much useful is trickle charger on motorcycle batteries?

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How much useful is trickle charger on motorcycle batteries?

Can I use a trickle charger on an AGM battery?

Yes you can. Trickle chargers are made for use with lead-acid batteries, and because AGMs are simply a very modern variety of lead-acid battery, they will work just fine. However, we do recommend a “smart charger” like the Battery Tender Junior, as it has a microprocessor that will sense the battery’s state of charge and adjust the charging level to optimize it’s state of charge without overcharging it.

Can I use a trickle charger on a Lithium-Iron battery?

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Technically, yes you can – however we don’t recommend it. Chargers for lead-acid batteries won’t be calibrated to the same voltage requirements (lead-acids charge to around 12.8 volts, while lithium-irons need 13-14), so smart chargers will likely undercharge the battery, and a standard battery charger could overcharge it, damaging the battery, voiding the warranty, and even starting a fire! Lithium batteries rarely every need charging, as they have very low self-discharge rates, but if you do feel the need to charge it, we strongly recommend purchasing a model-specific lithium battery charger instead.

How many cold cranking amps does my bike need?

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That figure should be indicated by the manufacturer in your owner’s manual, or you can just look at the specs on your existing battery to figure out how many CCAs you need. In addition, we’ve also put a ton of work into our Parts Finder to make sure that the parts that are listed for your bike are compliant with OEM specs, so you can also use the Parts Finder to narrow down your battery search to only the batteries that will work for your bike!

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