How to prevent your motorcycle battery from blast?

How to prevent your motorcycle battery from blast?

If you ever hear an automotive battery explode, you will gain a newfound respect for the raw power packed into these heavy lead-acid devices under your hood.

It’s nearly as loud as a gunshot, as the plastic case blows apart–followed by the sound of toxic, highly concentrated sulfuric acid bubbling to the ground.

The risk of explosion is labeled on every automotive battery, though few motorists bother to read such warnings, let alone take them seriously. It’s an unfortunate mistake, because batteries often do explode without warning.


Thirty-one percent of those injuries occurred during the use of battery chargers, 26% from handling battery cables, 19% from jump-starting dead batteries and 19% from checking or adding battery fluid. In all, the study found 7,051 injuries were related to automotive batteries.

And even if you aren’t standing nearby and thus avoid injury, battery acid can severely damage the engine compartment, eating away wires and hoses as well as damaging paint

Reasons Behind The Explosion Of A Motorcycle Battery

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  • Under the charge of various circumstances, it is most likely to happen that a considerable amount of hydrogen gas builds up and generates an electric spark when it comes in touch with the acidic components of the battery.
  • One of the other reasons behind the explosion is the short-circuiting of the battery.
  • Exposing the battery to direct and extreme heat, etc.

How Do I Know If The Battery Of My motorcycle battery Is Damaged?

A damaged car battery is very easy to recognize as it does not help the car to start. In some cases, the damaged battery will also generate a spark that will explode the battery and it could be less or more dangerous considering the intensity of the explosion.

Danger - Battery Blow-Ups and Melt-Downs

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