Is Bike Battery with High CCA a Good Option?

High CCA Bike battery

Is Bike Battery with High CCA a Good Option?

Is Bike Battery with High CCA a Good Option?

Winters and battery problems are never-ending when you try to crank-up the bike engine in the morning. That feels truly bothering and time-consuming when it doesn’t start. However, you no longer have to worry about cranking-up the engine, as cold cranking ampere work perfectly even after a long time. Some batteries have CCA while others don’t feature it. Having a CCA battery helps in getting the engine started more quickly than an average bike battery.

If you’re about to replace your old bike battery, replacing the old battery with a high CCA rating would be the best choice. As long as the bike is regularly used, it keeps on charging and doesn’t lose charge unless carelessly used. However, the battery loses charge when left for extended periods of time and you might end-up putting efforts to start your bike.

High CCA Bike Battery

If you’re looking for a lasting battery, buy a battery with high Cold Cranking Ampere. Many battery manufactures have shifted their focus from typical designs of battery to high CCA batteries. Compared to a traditional battery, a high CCA battery lasts longer than an ordinary battery and offers improved performance. However, having a high CCA battery increases the weight and size of the battery. The process causes the thickness and size of the plates to compromise due to the fact that a high CCA bike battery has more plates than an ordinary battery.

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