Maintaining Battery? Follow the Safety Guide While Handling the Battery

Bike Battery safety tips

Maintaining Battery? Follow the Safety Guide While Handling the Battery

When you plan to leave the bike for an extended period of time, the battery gets discharged, and putting it back on charge is necessary. While taking the battery out of your bike or installing it back on the bike, we suggest you take some precautions. Since the battery is electrochemical equipment, you should be mindful while working on the battery or check the battery. We’re here with some tips for personal safety while you get hands-on with your battery.

When leaving the bike for a longer period, we take out the battery to prevent battery deterioration. While taking out the battery sounds simple, you should be careful in handling the battery. If you’re a smoker, never got close to or handle the battery. The battery of your bike or car contains potentially dangerous chemicals which may cause a health hazard. Batteries produce hydrogen and batteries are equipped with a pressure relief valve which may result in an explosion when combine with oxygen.

When working on the battery, lose the vent caps and ensure that the area is clearly ventilated. Also, don’t disconnect or open the battery vents immediately after charge or discharge. Having lost vent caps and non-ventilated area pose a fire hazard and may result in damaging consequences.

If you observe that the battery is heating up, immediately remove it from the charge (If it is charging). Leave the battery for some time and wait till the temperature gets cool.

For old or conventional batteries, never put back the red cap on the vent elbow and ensure that the vent is open. If the vent is blocked, the excess build-up of gas can explode the battery or rupture the case.

Use PPEs (Personal Protective Equipment) while handling the battery or doing electrical or mechanical work. As to acid spillage, use the mixture of water and soda to clean up the floor.

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