Motorcycle Batteries, Maintenance Free Delusion of Lead Acid Batteries

Motorcycle Battery

Motorcycle Batteries, Maintenance Free Delusion of Lead Acid Batteries

Electrical systems of bikes are like veins through which electric current flows and the battery act as a bike’s heart. The worst situation one could encounter is to have the power lost from the bike battery. However, that doesn’t happen frequently. Earlier, we discussed lead-acid batteries characteristics, such as, charging, discharging, power density, and electrolyte. Similarly, battery maintenance is another concern that affects the life of your bike’s battery.

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The Maintenance Free Delusion!

If you have ever seen a white substance on battery terminals, that’s sulfation. Leaving your bike for extended period results in the buildup of lead sulfate crystals which adversely affect battery life.  To prevent sulfation, we recommend that you keep your bike’s battery terminal clean. Keeping the terminal clean will protect terminals and prevent premature failure. Even if you’re not using your bike battery, the wiring and electrical systems draw negligible current. It discharges the battery over time, also when not in use, lead-acid batteries discharge itself which is a significant drawback of having a lead-acid battery.  The process of sulfation occurs as a result of battery discharge. Lead-acid batteries are vulnerable to premature failure due to the occurrence of lead sulfate which reduces battery capacity and surface area. Due to sulfation, bike batteries are internally corroded and may break the terminal, leaving your battery useless.

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