Reasons for Bike Battery Discharge

Bike Battery Check-up

Reasons for Bike Battery Discharge

Imagine having stranded in the middle of the road because your bike loses power. This may have happened with some of us while riding. Battery drainage is aggravating sometimes, you may take the ride in broad daylight and might short sight that the battery is being drained.

This drainage can be caused by a number of things such as the corroded battery, loose terminal, failure to recharge, short circuit, and poor battery terminal. Heaving heavy accessory on your bike can also drain the battery quicker than it should. However, that can be simply controlled by removing ad-on or installing a battery with more capacity.

Why does the battery discharge, and what to do when you experience such a situation is important. Battery drainage is associated with multiple variables potentially damaging the battery. The most common cause of battery drainage is poor or unorganized wiring of your bike. Having disintegrated wiring and poor insulation and sleeves are one of the widely known causes that discharge the battery. If wires are twisted to connect to each other, immediately insulate them and use sleeves for better hold.

Corroded terminals also cause battery drain, perhaps your battery struggles to store charge. Look out for corroded terminals and keep them cleaned. Another reason due to which you experience battery discharge is the failure of the stator. If the stator fails to produce a charge, your bike ends up without charge. So, if you want to do an instant check-up, we suggest you take precautions and do what seems doable. Sometimes, a little hassle at the moments saves you money and time.

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