Select Best Battery for your Bike

Bike Battery

Select Best Battery for your Bike

The best battery is the essential source of a smooth bike ride. Imagine not have a battery and riding a bike on a busy road, you might need an indication lamp but they don’t work. What good is the battery for if it doesn’t serve the purpose? Using the right type of battery for your bike assures seamless performance and a fearless ride. Categorically speaking, you might use your bike’s own stator to temporarily power your bike accessories. That might do the job, but have you wondered about the impact on your bike’s stator? Is the electrical accessory getting a sufficient amount of voltage and current?

Selecting Right Type of Bike Battery

Batteries are available in hundreds of different brands, such as Shorai, Yuasa Yuam, and Battery Tender. Each one of the OEM makes, a different type of battery. Lead-acid batteries are popular in motorcycle due to low cost and low maintenance battery. However, you have to keep a check on the electrolyte of the battery. Riding on bumpy or off-road causes electrolyte spillage which adversely affects the plate of the battery and hence battery life.

Similarly, lithium-ion prevents spillage and doesn’t require maintenance like a lead-acid battery. The battery is largely used in bikes and doesn’t contain any acid. The discharge rate is comparatively better than lead-acid battery, but battery life is affected by frequent charging.

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