Smart Bike Battery with Battery Management System

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Smart Bike Battery with Battery Management System

Bike batteries are most expensive as they perform an integral function in bikes. Bike batteries have evolved in terms of design and performance, lithium and lead acid batteries are widely used in motorcycles. However, in the era of smartly engineered devices, batteries have been evolved to adopt to different environment in order to perform. Smart lithium battery contain more than lithium plates, its battery management system is designed to provide lasting life by preventing premature failure. Performance is another aspect that you look for in motorcycle battery. Battery performance is compromised due to several reasons, though overcharging battery is different aspect that affect battery. Some batteries self-discharge, while other batteries increase discharge rate with the frequency of charge.

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Every electrical and electronic device can be affected by potential faults. Since electrical faults can occur at any instant, they can discharge the battery quickly or may damage the battery permanently. Battery management system consists of protection circuitry that prevents battery damage caused by overcharging, discharging and over drain. When any of the said fault is detected, battery management system shuts off the battery to prevent permanent damage. The battery is designed to deliver high performance, and designed to be safe with fire retardant coating to provide thermal protection against high current flow.

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