Types of Bike Batteries

Bike Battery Charging

Types of Bike Batteries

Bike batteries are available in different capacity and designs. Lithium ion batteries are preferred in bikes, as these batteries have lasting performance and don’t occupy space. The market is filled with different kind of batteries, and each battery is designed to serve a specific purpose. Most of the cars batteries are flooded or wet battery, and it’s popular due to its performance facts. The battery is also known as sulfuric acid battery, the battery comprises of plates suspended in sulfuric acid and water mixture. Unlike many other batteries, flooded battery is maintenance free and durable for years.

Some of the batteries have higher discharge rates such as lead acid battery. However, this limitation is covered by calcium battery. Calcium battery utilizes calcium allow on battery plates and prevent fluid loss, hence stops discharging. Another type of battery which is popularly used is VRLA, also known as Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery. The battery equips pressurized safety valve that is used to reduce fluid loss in the battery. VRLA batteries have two variants, each of the variant has specific purpose. Gel type battery uses silicon to change the electrolyte into gel like substance. Whereas, AGM used glass matt mixed with acid to develop a thin matt that keeps the resistance low and improves battery performance.

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