Why Bike Batteries are significant?

Motorcycle Battery

Why Bike Batteries are significant?

Selecting a bike battery requires a bit of technical acumen and you don’t have to study chemistry for that. Bikes are equipped with different electrochemical batteries such as lead, lithium-ion, lithium iron battery. Each of these batteries has a varying level of energy density, discharge rate, electrolyte, and associated pros and cons.

Bike Battery

If you’re a regular bike user, you must be aware of the importance of battery powering the accessories.  These accessories with a high consumption rate can discharge the battery at faster rates hence reduce the battery life cycle. Efficient batteries have longer life cycles and high power density. However, the battery life span is still contingent on how it is used.

While many bike batteries are li-ion or lead-acid, recent research on battery performance have significantly enhanced batteries. Many of OEM have started equipping AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) and Gel type batteries in a bike. Their low internal resistance and compact size make them easy to equip and light wright. Compared to a flooded battery and deep cycle batteries, AGM and Gel type batteries have improved electrical reliability and longer life span. Before you buy your next battery, be sure to have capacity constraints, life span of battery and its type.

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