SHORAI Lithium Ion Battery for Bikes

Shorai Bike Battery

SHORAI Lithium Ion Battery for Bikes

Lithium-ion batteries are largely used in motorcycles to power up engine and accessories. Both of the batteries have pros and cons hence they have varying prices and life cycles. The use of lithium-ion batteries in bikes initially spiked due to low cost and design. However, later the battery was found to be problematic when subjected to different uses. In times of excessive research and development, li-ion batteries are advanced to perform battery in varying environments. Batteries are designed to work in varying temperatures, battery size, the content of electrolyte, and vent for pressure relief have a significant impact on the life of your bike battery.

Among top manufacturers of Bike batteries, SHORAI has redesigned li-ion battery to overcome challenges. If you’re looking for a lightweight battery, SHORAI is the best option for your bike. The battery is designed to supply 12 volts and houses the cell in a carbon composite case to prevent damage. Unlike a lead-acid battery, it doesn’t contain any acid like lead which makes it compatible to the environment. However, there are some downsides associated with the battery. The lithium-ion battery discharges faster which ultimately increases its charging cycle. Compared to lead-acid battery SHORAI Lithium-Ion battery is efficient but not as powerful as a lead-acid battery. Despite of having a couple of cons, Li-Ion batteries are sustainable.

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