YUASA YUAM Best Bike Battery for Winter


YUASA YUAM Best Bike Battery for Winter

Winters have just begun and you must have faced difficulty in starting a bike, this happens due to the effect temperature has on your battery. To get rid of starting problems, either you keep a constant check on your battery electrolyte or keep it charged. However, keeping it charged can be harmful to your bike’s battery life cycle. Therefore, having a hassle-free battery that doesn’t need maintenance, gives a combination of peace and a powerful experience. Yuasa YUAM732HL battery is a maintenance-free battery incorporated with AGM technology to prevent spillage and hence Improves battery lifecycle. The battery design features advance technology to offer better strength and lasting performance to your bike.

The battery features complete OEM specification that you get with a Harley Davidson. Yuasa YUAM is a 12v battery that holds a charge for up to 32-ampere hour. The most significant factor of the battery is CCA. CCA is referred to as cold cranking ampere, it is the determinant of battery performance to operate in cold temperatures. A battery with a good CCA rating can deliver current for 30 seconds in cold temperature while maintaining the voltages to 7.2V of a 12-volt battery. The YUASA YUAM732L has 500 Cold Cranking Ampere which makes it suitable for cold temperature. If you continue to ride the bike in winters, we suggest installing YUASA YUAM732HL to have a comfortable and hassle-free ride.

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